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Our Process

We have found when a seller goes into the process of selling their home, they often worry that they might not get the best price…and that the whole thing will be complicated. Our goal is to take away that stress and de-mystify the process. We use all the latest tools and build you a custom road map so you’ll be confident taking the next step.


Who is your ideal buyer?

Every successful marketing plan starts with knowing who your ideal
buyer will be and how to reach them. Don’t make the mistake of
advertising to the wrong market segment.

Common Buyer Profiles

1st Time




Based on the location and characteristics of your home, who is the most
likely buyer? By targeting and understanding who is most likely to be
interested in your home, we can be laser-focused on how we market it.

Case Study: Forest Lake Home (re-marketed)


How will your home stand out?


How can we show a home in its best light online and in person? Creating a vision through staging and organizing will help create a consistent story of quality from beginning to end. We, with our expert design team, will help you to best present an occupied or vacant home.

Virtual Staging

In some cases, we will use virtual staging to help
create the vision online.

Drone Videos

One of the most important pieces of value for many homes is the lot and neighborhood. The right drone photos and video can help set your home apart from the competition.

1st Person
Video Tours

We leverage Zillow’s video walkthroughs to help boost online activity and engagement prior to showings.

Blue Sky Guarantee

Every day can be a sunny day in Minnesota!
We guarantee a beautiful blue sky with all exterior photos.

3-D Interactive

Have you ever looked at photos online, only to show up in person and find a totally different story? We have found that a virtual walk- through gives buyers the sense of control. They come in with the right expectations and are more willing to submit an offer.

Social Media

We can post and boost your home to a targeted audience on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, increasing the visibility and awareness of your listing.


What is the optimal price to list your home?
How much of an impact does pricing have?
The simple answer: it’s all about time and getting in front of as
many buyers as possible.

Whenever possible, we prefer to create buzz in the marketplace by letting potential buyers know your home with be “coming soon” to the market. We are able to gather valuable market feedback before launching on the MLS for showings.

How Pricing Affects Visibility

Pricing and visibility go hand in hand. By overpricing your home by a mere 10%, you can easily decrease the amount of views by 30% or more. In today’s market, where homes are selling for close to 98% of the listing price, it is important to price correctly, because more buyers won’t even tour an overpriced home due to their expectations of the selling price being so close to the listing price.

This is a chart of all the homes sold in the Twin Cities in 2018 and their prices. The largest market in the area is homes priced $200-300K, with 40% of the entire market.

Other Key Questions to Consider When Pricing Your Home

Do you understand the buyer and sellers market?
How does your home compare to the local competition?
What do buyers look for and value most?


How will everyone walk away satisfied?

Each side comes to the table with different priorities and goals. We need to be sensitive to the buyer’s unique perspective. Deals only come together when the terms work for both sides. For example, buyers are often more sensitive to home projects than overall purchase price, so a seller may be able to receive a higher purchase price by doing a few projects before closing.

Typical Seller Mindset

Highest Purchase Price
Flexible Close Date
High Probability of Closing

Typical Buyer Mindset

Minimal Out-of-Pocket Expense
Updated Kitchen and Bath
Clear Understanding of Bones