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Neighborhood Guide: Saint Louis Park

There are more than 30 neighborhoods in Saint Louis Park, which is just west of Minneapolis. The city is home to a variety of businesses, including many large corporations. Residents enjoy plenty of outdoor activities and a vibrant arts and culture scene. So which neighborhoods stand out?

Texa Tonka

This neighborhood is named after the nearby Texa Tonka State Park, and it’s known for its beautiful homes and quiet streets. The history of this neighborhood traces back to 1951, when the Texa Tonka shopping center was built to offer convenient shopping for residents. Today, the shopping center has been replaced by a mixed-use development that includes retail, office, and residential space.

Westwood Hills

This neighborhood is situated on a bluff overlooking the Minnesota River Valley and is known for its picturesque views. Westwood Hills neighborhood is home to a mix of families and empty-nesters. Here’s where you’ll find the Minneapolis Golf Club and the Westwood Hills Nature Center. So there’s endless fun if you live here.


Browndale is a small neighborhood located in the central part of Saint Louis Park. This neighborhood is home to many young families and professionals. The homes here are mostly single-family homes with some duplexes sprinkled in. You’ll also find a few apartment buildings and townhomes.

Oak Hill

Oak Hill is a charming neighborhood located in the southern part of Saint Louis Park. There’s a lot to do here, including fishing at the river, visiting the Flea market, and seeing the beautiful views of the city.


Elmwood is a friendly neighborhood located in the eastern part of Saint Louis Park. Apart from being one of the oldest parks, it’s known for its many parks and green spaces. You’ll also find a mix of both old and new homes here. This neighborhood has 2,492 people, according to the World Population Review.

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