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3 Reasons Why Bloomington Minneapolis Is a Good Place to Raise Kids

Many factors influence whether a city is a good place to raise children, including the quality of its schools, access to parks and green spaces, and economic opportunities for families. So if you are considering buying a house in Bloomington, Minneapolis, here’s why it is an excellent place to raise children.

1. Enough Good Schools

Bloomington has several top-notch public schools and high-quality childcare options, making it an ideal place for kids to build new friendships and explore their interests. If you have kids in elementary school, you can choose schools like Bloomington Kennedy, Normandale Hills, or Southview. There are lots of middle schools and high schools as well as colleges to choose from.

2. Parks and Recreation

Bloomington is a city that takes pride in its parks and recreation facilities and is home to 97 parks and green spaces. From the scenic Minnehaha Falls to the beautiful Benjamin Franklin Park, there are plenty of places for kids to explore nature and have some fun. And with hundreds of miles of trails, Bloomington is a great place for kids to get some exercise and fresh air.

3. Safe Neighborhoods

One of the most important things for parents is raising their kids in a safe environment and Bloomington is very safe. With a violent crime rate of 12.7 compared to the national rate of 48.8, Bloomington is a very exciting and family-friendly community.

Are You Considering Moving to Bloomington Minneapolis?

Whether you’re looking for a quiet community or vibrant downtown life, Bloomington Minneapolis has everything you need for your family’s next chapter. And with its low property taxes and affordable real estate prices, this charming Midwestern city offers parents easy access to safe neighborhoods with plenty of modern amenities. If you need help finding a home in Bloomington, Minneapolis, contact us at (612) 217-8700 to discuss your home requirements.